Lure Coursing

Once a sport only for certain recognized breeds, now any dog can participate in the coursing ability tests (CAT) and the newest lure coursing sport, FAST CAT.

In the CAT, each dog runs individually and chases after an artificial lure for either 300 or 600 yards. Because of the size of the pointer, they run a 600 yard course. The dog must finish in less than two minutes for a 600 yard course. The courses are designed for beginner coursers with safety in mind. Dogs earn a pass/fail. With the agility and speed of a pointer, finishing the 600 yard course in two minutes is easy! Check out the link for more information.

If you’ve ever wonder how fast your dog can run then the FAST CAT may be for you and your pointer! The FAST CAT is a timed 100 yard dash where dogs run one at a time chasing a lure. This is one of the few canine sports where all that is needed to compete is your dog’s natural instinct. Check out the link to find out more information about FAST CAT and to look up the top fastest 20 pointers each year since the sport began in 2016.